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Suboxone Film (Strips) v.s. Suboxone Tablets

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Suboxone Film v.s. Suboxone Tables -What are the differences?

A confidential report from the doctor of  an opiate addiction treatment center in the Orlando, Florida area.

Suboxone Films are outperforming Suboxone Tablets in taste and ability to dissolve quickly, while proving to be as effective or slightly more effective.

Suboxone Film

Suboxone Film

Since Feb, 2011, all new patients and existing patients are being prescribed Suboxone  film instead of the tablets.  The new patients have had great response to the Suboxone Film and having nothing to compare to they are generally happy with the result.  We have experienced only two patients needing three Suboxone 8mg Films per day whereas it was more common to have patients start at 24mg or on rare occasions 32mg on the tablets, this is for a short period of time, usually the first week of stabilizing the patient.  The Suboxone film may be more effective due to the decreased time to dissolve.  At maintenance doses of 8mg to 16mg we have noticed no differences.

A few patients have reported that the tablet works better, or that the film causes nausea.  We have good reason to believe the patient is being deceptive for reasons unknown to us and are watching for possible fraud or criminal activity.

The most significant advantage of the films is a discount of $75 given by the distributor of the Suboxone film.  We are noticing dissolve times significantly faster and hearing that the taste is less objectionable.

Some patients complain of the packaging for the Film, it is difficult to open without scissors or a knife.   All existing patients reported less objectionable taste, or for patients that didn’t mind the taste — they reported the films tasted better than the tablets.

Authors Opinion of Suboxone Film compared to Suboxone Tablets.

Suboxone Film dissolves more quickly, has a less powerful taste which is a good thing.  The less powerful taste seems to decrease salivation and may have something to do with the some people believing they are stronger than the tablet.   I can confirm the packaging is difficult, but not worth complaining about.  I personally find the strips to be an advantage as I can slide one into my wallet rather than carry a pill or pill bottle around.

If you are taking the Suboxone Tablets the films are definitely worth a try.


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  1. danielle

    I think the pills worked better I had to take a higher dose of the strips to equal the films. However the films make it much easier to wean off.

    1. Richard

      I couldn’t agree more Danielle, you can cut the strips with scissors or a razor blade into very thin slices. I like to cut one strip into 8 slices, then half them for 16 rectangles. This equates to about .5 mg instead of 8mg and if you are in maintenance mode, you don’t need more than that. Its weird, getting from 32mg to 16mg is simple, getting from 16mg to 8mg is easy, getting from 8mg to 4mg is slightly a pain in the ass, getting from 4mg to 2mg takes a few weeks, getting from 2mg to one 1mg takes another few weeks, getting from 1mg to .5mg takes another few weeks, getting below .5mg kinda sucks, hard to believe that low a dose makes any difference but it DOES, psycologists will never believe you but ask anyone the real story, going below 1mg is the toughest spot other than quitting entirely. If I fall off the wagon for a day or two and bang 2 or 3 blues (30s), I might do a 1/4th of a strip the day after, and then an 1/8th then back down to where I was. I haven’t talked to or heard of a single person getting precipitated withdrawal and wonder if it is made up by the company to keep people from playing the rollercoaster ride of suboxone and opiates. Thanks for the comment Danielle, I hoe you are doing well.

    2. Richard

      Hi Danielle,
      Well we are all different in the way our body processes medicine. I personally find the strips/films to be equal to the tablets if not better. Just a quick question, are you letting the film dissolve completely under your tongue before swallowing it? The buprenorphine/suboxone film is designed to enter your bloodstream most effectively via sublingual. It was probably a dumb question but it is rare to find someone that liked the tablets better. Tablets actually bring a lower street value in Central Florida, only slightly but lower. In Florida the pharmacies are severely limiting the number of scripts they fill for pain killers and I think it is causing a lot of people to turn to Suboxone/Buprenorphine as a surge in web traffic seems to coincide with the clamping down on pain killer scripts. I happen to know a few guys that sell them, I think any of us who were addicted probably knew a guy, and from what I hear they are sitting on scripts unable to fill until November at the earliest. I also know some elderly people that live & die by their oxycodone and they too are dealing with this issue. Florida & the DEA really screwed things up in Florida, Bondi the Attorney General is on the sh_t list of a lot of people and she might be looking for a job if enough people work to vote her out of office. Bondi did nothing to help Florida homeowners when the predatory banks were stealing from homeowners, and they were stealing in ways you would think is impossible in this country. I would post my story but will not for fear of retribution, but in short we were robbed of our emergency savings in promise of being approved for a HAMP trial (the day before Christmas) and we were served an eviction by the Sheriff in January the next month. We did not recover our life savings and he bank denied ever working with us they said we must have been scammed. Anyway I digress, thanks for the comment!

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  5. Becky

    Hard to get off of narcotics but the suboxene treatment is a freakin life saver for me. Iv been abusing pills for over 30 yrs and now i have to be done for good. Had no idea that there was medication to help but thank God i found this out

    SUBOXENE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Richard

      Hi Becky, HELL YEA!! Life before Suboxone was a bitch– excuse the language but there are no better words. Yeah Suboxone is the bomb!!!!! I saved my extras, and have been accumulating them for a rainy day, have about 20 of them stored away just in case I fall off the wagon or something, they can be used for pain relief too. Way cheaper than oxys which are running $20 minimum per pill here in Florida and some guys are charging $25 or even $30 if they are getting low. The DEA really shut things down in Florida and in the process a lot of legitimate people with severe pain are suffering. I have fibromyagia and could not even get hydro’s filled after driving 60 miles hitting every pharmacy (the RED evil ones) inbetween. I refuse to go to the evil red pharmacies anymore, I got the police called on me before for swearing at the self righteous pharmacist as I know they were lying about being out. everyone in florida needs to vote that bitch Bondi out of office, she doesn’t care about people of Florida only sucking the DEA cock. She didn’t bother responding when we were being ripped off by HAMP and losing our house because they were screwing us and we couldn’t afford a lawyer, Bondi sucks and she is responsible for people in severe pain not getting medicine.

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