Suboxone Taper Chart Calculator – Blood Plasma Levels

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Suboxone Taper Chart and Calculator

The drug taper charting tool is a charting program based on half-life elimination of drugs from blood plasma levels.  The formula used is a basic linear elimination which is not always true for every drug.  Some drugs are metabolized into other substances that might prolong the action of the drug, for example Vyvanse a drug made for ADHD is converted at least twice with each pass through the liver.  The initial drug is not useful, but after first pass through the liver it turns into amphetamine.  Some drugs are designed this way to reduce abuse potential, and others to increase the duration of action. Use the taper tool to taper from alcohol, one of the most addictive, or most difficult to quit without severe withdrawal.

What is the best way to wean off of an addictive substance?

This is a difficult question and one that is different depending on the person, the drug taken, the length of time taken and amount taken.  There are also other factors such as dangerous withdrawal reactions.  Alcohol surprisingly is quite dangerous to stop cold-turkey if you are addicted, you can get seizures or DT’s which can be fatal!  Because of these factors any taper plan must be approved by your doctor.

I recommend using the Suboxone Taper Chart, or think of it as a Suboxone Taper Calculator to find the most gradual taper over a period of time and then show your doctor and see if they agree.  I’ve heard from some readers that their Doctor was quite supportive of the suggestion and was impressed with the tool and it’s availability to anyone.

Taper off of an addictive drug by using the Tapering Calculator to plot out a taper plan

You can enter dosage amounts by day and then set the half-life to use in calculations, then see the blood plasma levels based on your inputs.  Our calculations cannot be trusted, and for now are for entertainment purposes, however we feel that this is a good rough guide and helps you understand the power of a drug with such a long half-life.

The drug half-life elimination charting program is for entertainment purposes only

Experiment by setting the half-life higher to see how the blood plasma levels accumulate, or remain in the body for longer periods of time.

  • The normal mean half-life for an average healthy human is 37 hours.
  • As half-life increases, the drug accumulation and/or reduction rate changes exponentially.
  • Try entering a very long half-life of 120 hours for something like Methadone to see why it is so dangerous over time.
  • See if you can plot a perfect shallow taper over a long period of time.
  • If you find the perfect taper, send us a screen shot!
How to use the new drug taper calculator program to wean off of addictive substances with less withdrawal pain
  1. Navigate to the program (you must have Silverlight loaded to run it)
  2. Enter at least one numeric value into one of the days in the calendar to signify the dose size. Dose can be in milligrams, grams, etc.
  3. Enter as many doses into the boxes as your taper plan will have.  If you start taking one every other day then skip that box.
  4. Change the half-life to match drug you want to plot a taper plan.  (e.g. google a drug name  like this:  oxycodone half-life)
  5. Press the graph button to see the half-life elimination estimate.
Remember this is a basic half-life elimination calculator was made by a computer programmer, not a doctor so it should be used for entertainment purposes only.
DO NOT RELY ON THIS INFORMATION as a basis for taking ANY medication

This is only a start to what we hope to be a very helpful tool.  We are welcoming suggestions and request assistance in making it more accurate. Please leave comments and/or send emails with this information.  Let us know what you think.  Try the Suboxone Blood Plasma Charter here.

This requires that you have Silverlight 4 on your computer. Silverlight is a client runtime similar to Flash but by Microsoft and it runs on many different platforms including Mac, Windows, etc., your computer may already have Silverlight 4, especially if you belong to Netflix as they deliver videos via Silverlight.  If you don’t have Silverlight just follow the simple instructions on downloading it.

Drug Half Life Elimination Chart for Suboxone

Drug Half Life Elimination Chart for Suboxone

Here is another sample of me trying the tapering calculator out. Right now it only works for 30 day taper or less.  If you try entering values for the second month it won’t draw the graph (or at least it didn’t for me).  You could use this chart for any medication you know the half-life for. I am open to suggestions on how to make this better but remember this calculator is for entertainment purposes only.

Remember this is a basic half-life elimination calculator was made by a computer programmer, not a doctor so it should be used for entertainment purposes only.  DO NOT RELY ON THIS INFORMATION as a basis for taking ANY medication.

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