Suboxone Precipitated Withdrawal – Fact or Fiction?

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Have you heard about precipitated withdrawal caused by Suboxone, but not heard of any actual cases of it?

Suboxone Withdrawal Precipitated WithdrawalI’ve seen my share of friends and friends of friends go from Suboxone treatment to falling off the wagon, back to Suboxone treatment over-and-over again while not experiencing the so-called precipitated withdrawal.  I’m sure that it must really be a valid concern but I wonder if the risk is much lower than we are lead to believe.  If you know anyone who has experienced precipitated withdrawal from Suboxone please leave a comment and let us know.  I know of people who have gone from blue to orange the same day and not experienced the so-called precipitated withdrawal.   You should never try taking Suboxone without doctor supervision, and if your doctor has you take Suboxone too close to coming off other opiates such as oxycodone (Roxies, Blues, Blue-Berries, Berries, 30’s) you should remind your doctor about precipitated withdrawal.

What is Suboxone induced precipitated withdrawal?

Suboxone Withdrawal Precipitated WithdrawalIt is a rapid and intense onset of opiate withdrawal symptoms precipitated by taking Suboxone shortly after taking high doses of opiates, specifically while not in full withdrawal.  The simple explanation of why it happens is that Buprenorphine (in Suboxone) has a higher affinity to your opiate receptors than opiates themselves so if you are not feeling withdrawal the Suboxone basically clears off what opiates are bound to your receptors and replaces the opiate with Buprenorphine.  This rapid removal of opiates is supposedly what triggers the precipitated withdrawal.

For more information about the Suboxone precipitated withdrawal you can visit The National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment, yes believe it or not,  there is an organization dedicated to Buprenorphine treatment!  The organization also has a link to a scale used for measuring your level of withdrawal you are experiencing.

Your Opiate Withdrawal was How Bad?

Take a look at the Clinical Opiate Withdrawal Scale (COWS) over on the National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment site and you can get an objective idea of how bad it really is.  Tell us about how bad yours was by leaving a comment!   Keep it honest, no fishing stories here. lol

Addicted, dependent?  Find out if you are you dependent on opiates or not?

The Suboxone official website has a link to a questionnaire for testing whether you are dependent or not.   I don’t know much about the subject myself.


Tapering Off of Suboxone?    Try the Suboxone Taper Charting Software.

Suboxone Taper Chart - Opiate Withdrawal MinimizationTake a look at version 2 of our Suboxone blood plasma half-life elimination tool.

This do-it-yourself tapering chart can help give you a visual on how the drug is eliminated from your system and might help your doctor in determining a pain-free and smooth taper plan.   This sample plan is a 60 day taper starting at 16mg of Suboxone and ending with 1mg spaced out every third day.  Here is a link to the Suboxone taper planning tool, remember it is for entertainment purposes only and you should never adjust your medication dosages without discussing with your doctor.

Share Suboxone Coupons & Drug Half Life Taper Calculator !!


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