Apr 17

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Suboxone Here To Help – $0 Copay Card on Suboxone Film

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Suboxone Here to Help Manufacturer Coupons & Printable Coupons

The manufacturer of Suboxone Film, Reckitt Benckiser currently has two money saving programs for assisting patients who are taking Suboxone.  They also have the “Here to Help” program to help those who are taking Suboxone with any treatment related questions or problems.

  1. Suboxone Film Coupon, Pay $0 Copay and Save up to $50 per month. (Reckitt Benckiser Patient Assistance) (offer extended)
  2. SuboxoneHere to Help” Guided Support for your Suboxone Sublingual Film Treatment
  3. Suboxone Copay Reduction Offer – Free Printable Coupon – Save up to 75% Retail Prices


1. Here to Help Suboxone $0 Copay Card to Save Up To $50 Monthly With Each Refill

Suboxone $0 Copay Card
Suboxone $0 Copay Card

$0 copay for SUBOXONE Film has been extended until 6/30/13.

For more information, visit SuboxoneFilmCopay.com

To print your $0 Copay Card, visit http://sfilm2.com/coupon.aspx

Specifics of the program:

  • copay card covers the portion that your health insurance does not pay (up to $50 per month) for SUBOXONE Film.  Instead of paying out-of-pocket amounts for Suboxone, you can use the $0 Copay card to reduce copay amounts by up to $50 a month.
  • Makes Suboxone Film more affordable than the SUBOXONE® (buprenorphine and naloxone) sublingual tablets (CIII)*
  • SUBOXONE Film is equally effective as the tablet with many benefits.

Suboxone Film is Better Than Suboxone Tablets

  • Faster to dissolve than SUBOXONE® (buprenorphine and naloxone) sublingual tablets
  • Better taste than the tablets (more than 71% of patients scored the taste as neutral or better)
  • Each dose is individually wrapped in compact unit-dose pouches that are child-resistant and easy to carry
  • Once-daily dosing like the Suboxone tablet
  • Clinically interchangeable with SUBOXONE Tablet, so your doctor can easily transition you. Your doctor will monitor your progress to ensure your dose of SUBOXONE Film is appropriate.

Present this offer each time you fill your SUBOXONE Film prescription. The last day this offer will be valid is June 30, 2013

2. Reckitt Benckiser Patient Assistance - Here to Help Program

Here To Help ProgramThe Here to Help® Program was created to help motivate, encourage, and equip you to manage your daily experience while in treatment for opioid dependence.

Visit the Here to Help website by visiting here.

Think you might be opioid dependent?

Take this quiz.

Ready for treatment?

This can help you find a doctor certified to treat opioid dependence in the privacy of his or her office. You can also call 1-866-973-HERE(4373) for help connecting to a doctor in your area.

Want to know what treatment is like with SUBOXONE Film?

This can help you understand the stages of treatment.

3. Printable Coupon For Suboxone – Up to 75% Off Retail Prices

Printable Coupon for Suboxone


For more information on this program visit here.

Save up to 75% off Retail Prices for Suboxone.


  • Discount program for drugs.
  • Works like an AAA card that will get you discounts on hotels.
  • Ideal for people with no drug coverage, self employed.
  • Donut Hole Seniors
  • Use the coupon at most large pharmacies such as CVS or Walgreens
  • Not to be combined with insurance or other offers.
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  1. Adam

    I just need to find coupons for subtext 8 mg. why is it so expensive
    And I can’t find a coupon online anywhere!

    1. Richard

      Sorry to hear that Adam. There should be coupons, I have a few articles on Saving money on Suboxone or Suboxone $75 Savings Cards. I’ll see if I can find more deals and post them. Try the actual Suboxone.com site. I think there is a generic out now so prices should be coming down! thanks for the comment!

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