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Hitting Rock Bottom, Recovering & Hitting Rock Bottom Again

Rock bottom is a tough place to be, but on the other hand it can be a blessing because that is what it takes for some people to take action.  The truth of the matter is that a typical addict will hit rock bottom several times possibly as many as half a dozen before hitting that point where they have a chance of recovering. Some people do it their first time, for me it took about three times.

The first time I ended up in the hospital with complications related to high doses of opiates and it was enough to put a scare into me.  I put together a taper plan and followed it to the bet of my ability.  I actually almost made it to the end when I relapsed and within two weeks was right back where I started.


Real Rock Bottom – Cold Turkey Withdrawal & Counseling

My second crash to rock-bottom was much worse, my family intervened and they all told me how much I was hurting them and how they could see how I was hurting myself.  Getting my family involved was crushing and had me contemplating suicide as a very possible way to escape.   I was angry at my family and friends for not believing I could quit on my own and I proved them wrong by completing a cold-turkey withdrawal over about a ten day period. I gave it everything I had and barely made it; I can remember somewhere around day 4, 5 & 6 thinking I couldn’t take it anymore and was about to ask to be taken to the ER.  I held strong and pulled through on my own.   I swore to never go through that again and I attended NA meetings once or twice a week.

At this point I didn’t really believe *I* belonged in those meetings.  I still felt that I was “above” them.  This was far from the truth.

Suboxone Treatment & Counseling

But once an addict always an addict, I relapsed a few months later after I forgot about how bad things were.  This time I caught the mistake myself and took action on it myself.  I searched the yellow pages for Suboxone Clinics.  Let me start off by saying this, if Oxycodone is the devil, then Suboxone is the devils’ sister.  But if you go into a Suboxone treatment with a strong respect for it, you have a good chance at succeeding.

I make no money for talking positive or negative about Suboxone.  I can think of a lot of negative things to say about it, but I can say that it very well may have saved my life and I pray that the government never takes this amazing drug off the market.  If anything needs to be done, it is that doctors need a better education about Suboxone, the persons taking it know much more than those prescribing.

Lessons Learned in the Opiate Addiction

I’ve learned a lot over the years about opiate addiction, and various methods of recovery.  If one of my family members were on the same path as I was; I would definitely recommend he Suboxone Treatment, but I’d also make sure they had a very strong respect for Suboxone and how powerful it really is.  You are trading one opiate for another, but Suboxone has a very long half life and offers other advantages that basic opiates don’t offer.

I hope you enjoyed my story, and I hope that it compels you to share yours.




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  1. Southern girl

    Thanks..hit the nail on the head. Im in the process of tapering down off suboxone. Down from 3 8mg strips a day to half strip or 4 mg once a day. Hear a lot of horror stories getting off 2mg strips. My doc said id be on suboxone for a year or more. Its been two months, and I want off sooner than later. How was the taper for you, as the devils sister of opiads..lol. seriously kind of worried….it was a life saver to me, but I have realized so much on it, that I want to be med free….whats I should have been all along. Great story……so true. Appreciate you honesty and courage in posting this……

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