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Jan 24

Drug Half-Life Elimination Suboxone Taper Planning

Drug Half-Life Elimination & Suboxone Taper Planning Tool 

Q U I T   S U B O X O N E   T O M O R R O W . . .

but start quitting today


I n   a   h u r r y ?   Jump to the dedicated taper charting tool page here


Cold-Turkey Suboxone Taper

Suboxone will build up in your system because the half-life is very long, it takes about 37 hours before half the active drug has been removed from your blood.  This is an average, if you take many medications or are older the length of time may be significantly higher.

Due to the long half-life withdrawal on day one after cold-turkey will not be too bad, and day two through seven are a rapid descent from normal to hell-on-earth. The withdrawal will get worse over the next three do five days peaking at around seven to ten days. This is my opinion you should contact your doctor with questions about how the drug might affect you.

Suboxone Cold Turkey

Suboxone 10 x 16mg  – Then Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey Suboxone - 14 Days of 16mg

Day 12-30 Withdrawal







T h i s  i s   h o w   t o  N O T  t a p e r . . .



Warm-Turkey Suboxone Taper with a two tiered drop down in dose

The next taper example is much better than the cold-turkey, but still has a rapid drop off in blood levels after the first week but the taper after that is more gradual and would be easier than a full “cold-turkey”.

There is technology available that can actually help with this problem, it is a LOCKED dispensing device where you can literally LOCK your doses and you can only access them according to your plan. I wish they had this before I went COLD-TURKEY.

You can find details right here.




Use the Taper Charting Tool to create a personalized taper plan that minimizes withdrawal.


This plan is better but still too sharp after the first week.




 Maintain Strict Dose Schedule 

 [pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]Costs less than two Oxy 30’s and will save you 100 times that in the long run[/pullquote]

This watch on Amazon allows you to program in medication dose times and reminders so that you can follow a strict taper plan?  The cost is around $34.64 with Free Shipping which is less than the street price for just two tiny Oxycontin 30 milligram pills. You can get a pill scheduling watch at my f a v o r i t e on-line merchant, and the cost is around $34.64 shipped.


[error]It goes without saying that any changes to your medication must be directed by your doctor or health-care professional. This information is being provided for purely entertainment purposes and while the half-life elimination computations are intended to be as accurate as possible the simulations are being done by a computer-programmer and not a doctor or scientist.[/error]

Taper Charting Tool  – Use it here

If the Taper Charting Tool does not open below, you can try going to the dedicated page. The tool is written in Silverlight so you may be prompted asking for permission to run/install the Microsoft Silverlight embedded run-time library. You can use the tool to slow taper from alcohol, suboxone, buprenorphine, oxycodone, adderall or other addictive opiates.

 c l i c k  b e l o w  t o  r u n  t h e  Drug Tapering Calculator



End of the half life elimination tool article.




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Dec 20

Suboxone (Buprenorphine) Addiction Taper Planning

How to successfully wean from Suboxone

Tapering slowly, taking into account how quickly the opiate in your system is leaving. Keeping your blood plasma levels steady and moving slowly downward is the secret. Don’t cheat because you aren’t cheating anyone but yourself! Not your wife, daughter, son, family, friend, but yourself. You have bright life ahead of you! I am positive.


Suboxone Taper Chart - Opiate Withdrawal Minimization

Click the image to run the Suboxone Taper Charting Tool

My personal experience with Suboxone was a positive one, after a couple failures.  I was able to taper off of Suboxone without any significant problems or withdrawal symptoms. There is one key understanding that you need to make about Suboxone.

Suboxone is extremely STRONG and addictive. Your doctor didn’t share that with you when you went in for treatment did they?  Suboxone is better than typical opiates in that it doesn’t produce the “high” you get with opiates but it blocks the intense and excruciating withdrawal symptoms felt when tapering down usage of an addictive opiate.

Once you realize how strong Suboxone is you can begin to wean off from it. I must remind you that changing your medication dosage is something you can NOT do without doctor approval. Anything suggested here is simply something that worked for one person and that person got doctor approval to wean in the method being described.

It doesn’t take a lot of Suboxone to kill 90% of the withdrawal symptoms, but it does take a fair dose to make you feel “almost as good” as when you were taking your opiates. What do you want to feel good or get off of opiates?

Building a Taper Charting Plan

Use the tool on this site, that was built by a developer who dealt with this same issue. You can plot out your daily dose amounts and get an idea of how much drug is still in your system as the days go by.  Since Suboxone has a long half life you don’t always feel the withdrawal the day after quitting your last dose, it could take up to four days from high doses but when it hits, it hits like bricks.

Use the Suboxone Taper Charting Tool here

You must taper extremely slowly down to below 1mg daily, which is where most people begin to feel it most difficult to wean lower. When you get below 1mg you have to be prepared to wait an hour or two after taking a dose for the pain to go away. If you are patient, the mild discomfort does go away with extreme-micro doses of Suboxone.

My doctor disagreed but allowed me to move forward with my taper plan.  Once I got below 1/16th of a strip I was pretty much weaned off and any remaining pain minor.  It was well worth the extra effort.

Not respecting the power of Suboxone will make you slave to it

Again, it is my strong belief that unless one respects the sheer power of Suboxone they will be forever hostage to it.

My advice to anyone struggling getting off Suboxone.  Realize that doses of 24mg or 16mg are necessary at first, but after a few weeks and one is stable, one can rapidly decrease to down around 1mg daily, within a week or two max. Tapering below 1mg is when you need to slow things down big-time and you let yourself feel some discomfort during the day.

A 1mg dose after being on Suboxone for a few weeks is in my opinion just as effective as an 16mg dose during the beginning of the treatment.  Once you are down to 1mg, you should plan on taking two more months taking sub-1mg doses (this means cutting a strip into more than 8 pieces, preferably 16 pieces) and only take the dose when you feel “bad”.

Just tasting the “orange” taste is enough to ease pain


If you take a dose after feeling “bad”, know in your mind this stuff is very powerful, you only need to taste the “orange” for 10 seconds or so.  Then wait at least an hour before thinking the dose didn’t work and taking another.  Small doses work, but they do take some patience.  If you can make a strip last two weeks THEN you can think about stopping without much pain.  Suboxone doctors would laugh at this last paragraph, but this author has witnessed several people learn this the hard way.

Wish you the best in tapering and quitting highly addictive opiates for ever! :)

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Oct 30

Popular Buprenorphine & Suboxone Websites

Suboxone Websites – Top Referrers As Of Jan 2015

What Suboxone Websites are the top referrers of people to

Top-3 Suboxone Websites Referring to Subotex

Many of the referrers are referred to the Suboxone Taper Charting Tool. Some are referred to the Suboxone or Buprenorphine Coupons. I’d like to thank the owners and visitors of these Suboxone Websites.

Please consider visiting these sites as they help keep this Suboxone Website in the green.

To the owners of these Suboxone Websites,

“Thank You, I wish you and your readers the very best in life”.


Rich (


Cyboxin Drug Tablets

Suboxone Websites

The Suboxone Online Tapering Tool was developed by me and is provided free of charge. The advertisements on my Suboxone Site help to compensate me for the operating costs of the website. Though it may be tempting please don’t click on advertisements to thank me, it is a risk to my AdSense account and isn’t fair to the advertisers as they pay good money for a referral and they expect a referral to be a potential lead.

If you wanted to say thanks, just leave a comment or better yet share my site via social media or bookmark it. Sharing and bookmarking actually help the SEO of this Suboxone Website. if you own a website or have a website profile that you can list a URL in, than please put a link to our site– this would be GREATLY appreciated.

Top-3 Referrers To, Home Of Suboxone Taper Charting Tool

I appreciate the owners and readers of these Buprenorphine websites and would ask my readers to pay them a visit out of appreciation. These are valuable websites that offer great content.



Suboxone Website #1:

SuboxForum – Suboxone Talk Zone


The owner of Suboxone Talk Zone started another website that focuses on Suboxone information.

It called Subox Sites and is located here:



Suboxone Website #2:

SuboxoneTaper – Suboxone Tapering Website


Suboxone Website #3:

BehaveNet – Suboxone Information


You Can Help! - By Sharing or Linking To


The following list shows the referral text, and what the referral link will look like and what page the referral links opens, for a few different categories depending on which you prefer to share.

To Share - The Taper Charting Tool

Use the text below, it will create the resultant link shown and the resultant link will open the URL listed third.


<a href=””>The Suboxone Taper Charting Tool – Quit Suboxone Slowly and Minimize Withdrawal</a>

Resultant Link:

The Suboxone Taper Charting Tool – Quit Suboxone Slowly and Minimize Withdrawal

Resultant Page Opened by Link


To Share - Suboxone Coupons & Buprenorphine Coupons

Use the text below, it will create the resultant link shown and the resultant link will open the URL listed third.


<a href="">Suboxone Coupopns and Buprenorphine Coupons at</a>

Resultant Link:

Suboxone Coupopns and Buprenorphine Coupons at

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Jan 06

3 Month Suboxone Addiction – Help to Quit

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Suboxone Addiction – Help to Quit

The subject of this blog post is taken from another that I found via a web-search for Suboxone Addiction.  I am making a post about this question because it is a common one that I get asked here and I believe it is more of a problem than we know about– and the main reason I started this website was to help others with this problem.

I will post quotes from the full blog post titled 3 Month Suboxone Addiction – Help to Quit found here.

This post also discusses the authors real-world taper off of Suboxone using a very gradual taper which is illustrated using the self-made Taper Charting Tool

Have Been Addicted to Roxycodone For Almost 2 Years

I have been an addict to Roxycodone for almost 2 years, I have attempted to quit multiple times using the cold turkey method first, which helped me mentally and physically because it gave me a new aspect on life. However, I only stayed clean for maybe a month and slipped back in the hole.

This is a common start to the story, an addiction to a powerful opiate like Ocycodone and then getting some form of help which leads to Suboxone Treatment for Opiate Addiction.

Used Suboxone for Opioid Addiction thinking it is Safer and/or Better

After some talk with my friends, they persuade me to not use Methadone because there is a great chance of becoming addicted, so instead they told me Suboxone would never get me addicted because it never gets you high.

Again, this is so common and I think so far the original poster is taking the right path.  I think Suboxone Treatment saves a lot of lives and helps people break free from the strong opiate (oxycodone, etc.) addiction that destroys lives but in my humble opinion it leads to people dependent on Suboxone or who find it very hard to break free from the Suboxone.

Failed Quitting Suboxone – Tried Quitting Suboxone Unsuccessfully

The first few times trying to quit off Suboxone I failed but eventually this last time I successfully quit the “blues”. I took the suggested dose of suboxone 2mg 2x a day and was doing fine, with mild w/d effects. Every once in a while I would do an extra 2mg when I would get depressed or start craving the “blues”…

There are so many variations to this persons; story but the basic story is the same, the person broke free from the Oxycodone stronghold but is now dealing with a less-destructive but equally as challenging problem.  Quitting Suboxone is very difficult and not many doctors admit this up front– I’m convinced that many doctors don’t believe it much like psychiatrist didn’t believe in SSRI withdrawal.  It took years before psychiatrists’ and drug manufactures (and FDA) believed in SSRI withdrawal or SSRI discontinuation syndrome but now it is widely accepted.

Suboxone is Very Strong Medicine – Much Stronger Than Doctors Seem To Believe

My theory is that doctors do not realize how strong Suboxone is and they underestimate how a 2mg dose can cause an addiction.  I recall certain doctors saying that anyone noticing withdrawal from a 1mg Suboxone dose is not really experiencing withdrawal and it is “all in their mind”.

First of all – isn’t withdrawal always “in our mind”?  That is a rhetorical question.

Want To Quit Suboxone But Cannot

The last part of the post that I’ll talk about is the part where the original poster talk about how they believe it is time to quit and they feel that being on Suboxone is not being “really clean”.

This is a hotly debatable topic, are you really clean when on Suboxone or not?

I used to say “Yes” but am leaning more towards “No’ after a few years experience and/or exposure to the medication through myself or friends.  I think an addict should be proud of breaking free of Oxycodones’ and getting on a Suboxone treatment plan by a Suboxone doctor but I also think that the addict needs to remember they are still dependent.

I have noticed recently I have been seeing signs of addiction towards the Suboxone; things such as getting depressed, feeling tired all the time unless I do another dose of suboxone, and craving doses a lot. I think it is time to give up Suboxone and getting completely clean. I am a student in College and am holding a job, and I have made it this far without being clean because I don’t ever have the time to quit and deal with w/d.

The original poster said their dose was currently at 8mg daily, which in my opinion is pretty high, much higher than probably needed but I am not a doctor and everyone is different.  I personally feel that any addict after they have gone a month without Oxycodones can wean down to 4mg daily without much physical discomfort.

I also believe it is not that difficult to wean down to 1mg Suboxone daily over a period of a month, even from an Oxycodone addiction from as much as 120 – 240mg daily.

My personal experience is that you need a front-loaded dose of Suboxone, something in the neighborhood of 8mg – 24mg daily for a few days and can then taper down to 8mg daily for the first week after.  Depending on how strong of an addiction you came from it shouldn’t be hard to taper to 1mg of Suboxone daily within 30 days.

Tapering To 1mg Suboxone Daily is Not That Hard

I have found that going below 1mg of Suboxone the point where things start becoming challenging. But again this information is being provided for entertainment purposes only and all dose amounts should be provided by your doctor and followed exactly.

The original poster also said:

My daily routine:

– I wake up and immediately insufflate 2mg, I go to my job or school and last 4-5 hours later when I insufflate another 2mg, then in 3 hours I insufflate another 2mg. Recently, I insufflate another 2mg in another 2 hours.

I have to say that this is a bad idea.  You should not snort Suboxone for one it is not an efficient means of treatment and wastes the medication not to mention you don’t know what the side-effects are from taking medication that way.  There is no recreational value to snorting Suboxone, generally speaking from what I have seen.  There is little to no recreational value in Suboxone period from what I’ve seen and experienced.

How To Quit Suboxone For Good – Long, Slow, Gradual Tapering

I believe that tapering from any addictive medication is the way to go IF you can do it. Tapering from a highly addictive substance like Oxycodone is nearly impossible because it is so addictive and because it has such a short half-life.

Half-life basically means the number of hours before one half the useful part of the medication is removed from your body. Oxycodone has a very short half life in the neighborhood of six hours so if you rail 30mg of Oxycodone at noon half that is gone by 6pm and nearly all of it gone within 24 hours.

Suboxone Has a Very Long Half Life

Suboxone has a super long half-life compared to Oxycodone, approximately 37 hours and it is different for everyone, could be as high as 60 hours in some people on other medications with over-worked liver.  The difference between a medication having a 6 hour half-life and a 37 hour half-life is night-and-day.

Suboxone Half-Life Night-and-Day Difference Compared to Oxycodone

You can check out the Half-Life Elimination Charting Tool on this site to experiment with how long medications stay in your system based on half-life.  The tool was developed by a programmer and is for entertainment purposes only but it will give you an idea of the differences between a 6 vs 37 hour half-life medicine.

The tool works for any medicine that has a linear half-life as long as you use the same unit of measure for example use dose in milligrams, grams, micro-grams,  oz, etc., it doesn’t matter as long as the dose is numeric and consistent.  If you took 1.2 grams of a medicine one day and 200mg the next day just enter 1,200 milligrams and then 200mg using the common denominator of “milligrams”.

Suboxone Half-Life Elimination Tool – Suboxone Tapering Tool

** For educational purposes only I am not a doctor – I am a computer programmer who used basic half-life elimination formulas to develop the tool.

If you open the tool, you will need to have Microsoft Silverlight on your computer.  You may already have Silverlight, but if not you will be prompted to install it.  You can run the tool on non-Microsoft computers such as Mac or Linux.


The Real Secret To Quitting Suboxone

I think that a very long, shallow taper is the way to get off Suboxone with little or no discomfort.  When I say long, I am thinking of at least one month to go from 1mg daily to nothing.  Getting to 1mg daily of Suboxone is a walk-in-the-park but going below 1mg starts becoming challenging and I would never wish anyone go “cold-turkey” from any dose of Suboxone heaven forbid 8mg daily.  I an not a doctor and you need to get all dosing information from your doctor. This information is being provided as an opinion and possibly something you can suggest to your doctor and ask your doctor if it is something they are willing to allow you to do.

My Personal Taper From Suboxone

First three days 24mg Suboxone, then three days at 16mg, then two days at 12mg to finish out the first week.  After getting past the first week you have bypassed the hardest days of opiate withdrawal.  From then on a moderate taper down to 4mg Suboxone daily.  I then took another TWO full months to taper from 4mg to zero taking the last month to go from 1mg to zero by cutting Suboxone strips into very thin tiny (almost as small as a pin head) that when you put under your tongue you barely taste the “orange” stuff.

Getting to 1mg isn’t really so tough and if you take it slow enough you will be able to quit.  This was my personal experience and should not be used by anyone without approval and guidance from your doctor!!

Notice this first month chart, how it loads heavy at first to curb the hard part of opiate withdrawal and ramps down fast to a lower dose.  You would be surprised how STRONG 4mg of Suboxone is once you break the Oxys.  In fact 2mg Suboxone can kill some pretty bad withdrawal if you give it a few hours time (patience!!!) and let yourself experience a little discomfort.

Good luck!!

Planning a Drug Taper

The Tool for creating this graph was made by a programmer (me) and only does a month at a time for now but I will update it to do more as soon as I get time. :)


View larger image HERE or open the Suboxone Taper Charting Tool HERE

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Aug 06

Morphine Addiction Treatment – Buprenorphine Naloxone (Suboxone or Subutex) vs Methadone

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Quitting Opiates – Which works better Suboxone or Methadone

There is no silver-bullet answer to this question, but in my experience buprenorphine naloxone (aka Suboxone) is a better choice because I think it works better and it is easier to quit once you reach that point.  Quitting Suboxone or Methadone can be a challenge, but I think Suboxone is just a little easier.

There are some variables involved that will probably be considered, price of course is always on the list unless you are made of money.  Then you have to ask the question, does the drug do what is promised, will it help you quit abusing opiates and get you off opiates ultimately with the least amount of pain possible.  The third factor I would consider is how easy is it to quit taking the medication once you are ready, because you are trading one opiate for another with either choice.

Summary – There are basically two choices of approved drugs for opiate addiction

  • Buprenorphine Naloxone (aka Suboxone, Subutex)
  • Methadone


Summary – How to decide between Suboxone or Methadone


  1. Cost of Suboxone or Methadone Treatment Plans
  2. Effectiveness of the drug in getting you off of opiates and keeping you off them.
  3. Ability to quit the drug without major problems or withdrawal symptoms.

Suboxone Strips

Suboxone (aka Buprenorphine Naloxone) Treatment Plan Typical Prices

First Month Costs

Initial Doctor Visit or Evaluation Visit – Around $300

Regular Visits for counseling and script refills average around fifty bucks weekly –  $200 first month

Cost of Suboxone medication per month, assuming one and a half 8mg Suboxones’ daily (45 pills * $10) – $450 first month.  You will probably start at two or three 8mg Suboxones the first few days and rapidly drop to one 8mg daily and possibly 1/2 of an 8mg Suboxone by the end of the month.  4mg of Suboxone is still a very potent dose.

Second Month Costs

Regular Visits for counseling and script refills average around fifty bucks weekly –  $100 second month.  Many doctors will allow you to visit less frequently after you build some trust in the relationship.

Cost of Suboxone medication per month, assuming 1/2 of an 8mg Suboxone daily (15 pills * $10) – $150 second month

Third Month Costs

Regular Visits for counseling and script refills average around fifty bucks weekly –  $100 third month.  Many doctors will allow you to visit less frequently after you build some trust in the relationship.

Cost of Suboxone medication per month, assuming average of 1/8th of an 8mg Suboxone daily, plus a few extra pills to cut as small as possible for tapering (use two pills for an entire month period!  (10 pills * $10) - $100 third month

Total Cost of Suboxone Treatment over a three to four month period:  $1,400.  This sounds like a crazy high number, and it is expensive if you don’t have insurance coverage, but it is a low price to pay compared to the alternative.  I don’t know about you but I know of many people who were at a two hundred dollar per day habit so the Suboxone was actually cheaper than the daily routine.


Effectiveness of Suboxone

Buprenorphine is a relatively new drug for treating opiate addiction, such as oxycodone addiction or even heroin addiction.  Suboxone has become very popular in the US, quite simply because it works for most people, and the numbers are slightly better than Methadone for number of addicts who remain clean after a period of months after treatment.

From personal experiences I can say that it works because I’ve seen friends go through the treatment with good success.


Ability to Taper off of Suboxone after the treatment

This is probably one of the weak points for Suboxone, but it is no cakewalk for Methadone either.  You are trading one opiate for another, so you are technically not “clean” until you kick the Suboxone habit, and that is not as easy as it might seem.  But don’t let that deter you from improving your life, or possibly saving it!


Methdone Costs, Effectiveness and Ability to Taper off

I have not seen person experiences or talked to people who have, so do not have this information in as much detail.  The costs are similar to Suboxone for treatment however the Methadone drug itself is very low cost.  Methadone has a longer half life so technically you would think it will be easier to wean off of, but I have heard of many addicts that are on methadone for life.

I am definitely biased towards the Suboxone but I recommend you try to find more detailed info on Methadone first.

If you are looking for a medication for Heroin addiction treatment, Morphine Addiction Treatment, or Hydrocodone Addiction Treatment, then learn about buprenorphine naloxone and methadone  as much as possible before making a decision.

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Jul 21

Taper 101 for Addictive Opioids like Buprenorphine Naloxone

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Tapering 101 – Addictive Pain Killers and Opiates

  • Heroin
  • Demerol
  • Methadone
  • Morphine
  • Hydrocodone
  • Oxycodone
  • Suoxone
  • Dilaudid
  • Vicodin
  • Percocet


 Suboxone Taper

Factors that affect the Taper From Addictive Opiates (Opiate, Methadone, Morphine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Suoxone and Dilaudid)

  • how long you’ve been on the med
  • what dose you’re on
  • your age
  • what other meds you’re taking
  • your general health.


Opiate Tapering using Gradual Dose Reduction (aka Tapering)

The purpose of tapering a medication is to find an optimal dose or to determine whether continued use of the medication is needed.  A taper of an addictive opiate such as (Opiate, Methadone, Morphine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Suboxone, and Dilaudid) may be made much more comfortable using tapering.  You can use the Buprenorphine Naloxone & Suboxone Tapering Tool on this site to plan your own personal taper.

Buprenorphine Taper

The Buprenorphine Naloxone & Suboxone Tapering Tool

Cold Turkey – Stopping Suboxone or Opioid Medications

What to do if your doctor says you can stop pain killers cold-turkey?

Question: I’ve been on Suboxone. My doctor has now said I can stop taking the medication. I’ve heard from others that you should not stop taking this medication cold turkey but should wean from

it using a gradual reduction in dose over time. The doctor said I should be fine that 4mg daily is not that much to stop. Should I just stop or taper on my own?
—Carlos, Sanford, Florida
ANSWER: Opioid medicines have common and easily seen withdrawal symptoms and some have rebound effects. Overall, pain killers can be tapered without problem but when your physician says you can stop them, most likely, you don’t need to worry about tapering off. (Ask questions if you’re not sure.)

Some other medications, such as antidepressants and blood-pressure meds, do need a tapering schedule. Sometimes docs will taper them over a short timeframe like 2 weeks or sometimes over a long period such as a year.  It depends on how long you’ve been taking them and what dose.


What can happen if you stop taking certain opioids (pain-killers) cold-turkey?

For opioids such as (Opiate, Methadone, Morphine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Suoxone and Dilaudid):

  • high blood pressure
  • rapid heart rate
  • seizures
  • anxiety


When stopping medications, a taking your time may save your life, health and minimize withdrawal symptoms.
A really nice drug tapering tool that can be used for just about any medication including opioids (Opiate, Methadone, Morphine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Suoxone and Dilaudid)

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Jun 26

Opioid Withdrawal – War Stories (Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Morphine, Heroin, Suboxone)

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My Opioid War Story


Something is wrong… something is damn wrong… fix it now

If you have been addicted to any opioid then you are well aware that quitting an opioid is much more difficult than anyone else knows.  They refer to the time they quit smoking, or they time they stopped drinking soda and think that quitting opioids is some decision that you can just make and do it.

I would never wish the pain of withdrawal on any of my friends, but I can’t deny there have been times I wish that they could experience the feeling of being without opioids for just one hour and then let them tell me how easy it will be.

We have suffered through the many sleepless nights where our our body spasms unexpectedly like some sort of a seizure.  Some people say their arm twitches, some people experience severe restless legs but everyone experiences some soft of visible twitching body movement where your brain is telling your body that something is wrong, something is damn wrong, fix it now!   We are the ones that can share war stories about quitting opioids and the withdrawal that kept is in the bed (or hospital) for a week, and we’d watch the clock for what felt like eternity.  The opioid withdrawal made minutes feel like hours, and hours like days.

The worst withdrawal symptoms for me:

  • Pain – full body pain
  • Severe Anxiety and Restlessness
  • Nausea and Vomiting, Gut wrenching feeling
  • Cold and Hot spells
  • Inability to sleep
  • More pain and leg kicking
  • GI Joe Squirts (late stages of withdrawal)
  • Runny Nose (early stages of withdrawal)


What physical thing do you remember while suffering through opioid withdrawal?

My opioid withdrawal happened several years ago and other than the feelings that I felt there is one thing I have a very detailed image of in my mind.  The clock that was hanging near the bed I was laying in as I suffered through opioid withdrawal.  I can remember every detail about the clock on the wall as I suffer through days of opioid withdrawal.  The big round clock made of plastic and colored like aged brass.  It had a tan background and roman numerals and the hour hand had a strange pointer almost like the devils pitchfork.

Quitting Suboxone - The Clock

I have visions of that clock burned into my mind at various time through out the day and when the hour hand had moved from four to six I recall wondering if I was going to make it and if the opioid withdrawal would ever end.  The pain did end, and going through the pain was worth it, but the pain never ends for an addict in my mind.  There is a different pain once you are sober called boredom but that is for another day.

So let me know about your war story.


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Jun 24

Trick to Quitting Suboxone (buprenorphine & naloxone) or other Opioids

The Trick to Quitting  Buprenorphine Naloxone with Minimial Withdrawal Symptoms


Withdrawal from Buprenorphine Naloxone or other Opioids

Quitting opioids really sucks, for lack of better words.  I’ll never forget the many sleepless nights spent kicking my legs because they hurt so bad.  I’ll never forget the opioid withdrawal symptoms where my body would change from hot to cold in a flash, literally.  One minute I’d have ten blankets on and be shivering and the next I’d be sweating profusely.  And the clock watching I’ve mentioned in other articles… that is something I’ll remember to the day I die as minutes went by they felt like hours.  I’ve got another article called war stories of quitting opioids where I describe my “war story” in more detail.


The Trick to Quitting  Buprenorphine Naloxone  (Suboxone)

As I promised, there really is a way to quit  Buprenorphine Naloxone (Suboxone) that involves very little withdrawal pain, and I suspect you can handle some pretty intense withdrawal pain if you are here unless you had an unlimited supply of money and drugs and somehow remained alive.  I used the word “TRICK” on purpose because in a way this is some sort of trick or decption that we play on our mind.


(deception n)     (d-spshn)

1. the act of deceiving or the state of being deceived
2. something that deceives; trick

[Middle English decepcioun, from Old French deception, from Late Latin dcepti, dceptin-, from Latin dceptus, past participle of dcipereto deceive; see deceive.]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


Yes you are going to deceive your body, play a trick on it by weaning it off of opioids  to taper off of the drug so slowly that your body doesn’t notice it.

Image of a child pacifier - Weaning Off Buprenorphine Naloxone (Suboxone)

The Pacifier

This may sound crazy but it really works, it reminds me of a similar method of deception that I played on my daughter when she was a child.  As a parent we used a pacifier to keep our daughter satisfied when we were too busy to do it ourselves, it sounds evil but it is quite common and not really mean at all. If you don’t know what a pacifier is… well a plastic rubbery sucking thing that a baby sucks on to “pacify” themselves and deceives them into thinking they are sucking on a bottle of milk or the mothers breast.


, The baby becomes emotionally attached to them especially if you use them too often, and when the baby starts to grow older it can become a challenge to make the baby stop using the pacifier without driving you crazy by crying too much.

So, I got creative and decided to try something other than cold-turkey and just taking the pacifier away.  I took out the scissors and cut a very small portion of the tip off of the pacifier and gave it to my daughter… as I expected she took to it like an addict would take to a couple crushed Oxycodone 30 and a straw.  Bingo! I thought this just might work, but the key was going slow I made the mistake of cutting off too much a few days later and my daughter made a funny face, spit out the pacifier and started crying.


So each day, I would cut a sliver of the pacifier off and there would be no problems.  As the days went on the pacifier would start to fall out of my daughters mouth but it was gradual so she got used to picking it back up and putting it in her mouth, or she would hold it with her hand.  This is the way to quit Suboxone or any other addictive substance, by tricking your body very slowly and gradually.  Several weeks had gone by and the pacifier was cut so small that my daughter had to hold it to keep it in her mouth and we found that she didn’t cry for it very much at all.  Eventually she stopped using it because it wasn’t worth the effort of holding that nub of a pacifier in her mouth!

The Tapering Plan – Plotting your Taper from Buprenorphine Naloxone

The tapering strategy will work for any opioid, from Oxycodone and Hydrocodone to Morphine, Methadone, Heroin & Hydromorphone.  The reason you don’t hear of many success stories of persons tapering from Oxycodone is because it has too short of a half-life, meaning that the time it takes for the drug to be eliminated from your blood stream is short.  Buprenorphine Naloxone is an extremely long lasting opioid with a mean half-life of 37 hours.  The speed at which you taper is different for everyone.

Tapering off of any drug should always be planned and completed under supervision of a doctor.  I will be writing about this subject soon, and will go into detail about the actual tapering plan.  You can use my Suboxone Taper Charting tool to plot a taper plan off of any drug!


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Jun 17

Experiences, Facts and Stories about Suboxone Withdrawal

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How long does Suboxone Withdrawal Last?

This is the number one question asked and in simple terms– it lasts a pretty long time and it sucks really bad.

Now for some real medical explanation about the length of Suboxone Withdrawal.  First of all, Buprenorphine’s duration of action is not dependent on the serum halflife.  It is highly protein bound a actnd primarily hepatically metabolized (CYP 3A4). The agent is subject to extensive first pass metabolism. Buprenorphine undergoes Ndealkylation to norbuprenorphine and glucoronidation. Norbuprenorphine is an active metabolite, which has little efficacy but is a potent respiratory depressant.

Suboxone StripsSo what does this mean?  It means that Suboxone undergoes changes as your liver metabolizes is, and each resultant metabolite has specific actions and lengths of duration.  The long half-life of Suboxone is a good and bad thing, it is good because the Suboxone takes a long time to be filtered from your body.  But the long half-life can make withdrawals very long, and from personal experience I can say that it is relatively severe, not as severe as withdrawal from oxycontin or heroin, but annoyingly long lasting.  The other negative of the way Suboxone is metabolized is that it turns into different substances that themselves have a duration of action and can contribute to withdrawal symptoms.

From experience, and talking with others I have learned that the best way to minimize withdrawal symptoms is a very, very slow and very very gradual taper.  You can use the Suboxone Taper Charting Tool on this site to build your own taper schedule and see if your doctor is willing to let you follow it. You should never adjust your medication without doctor approval.

Drug Abuse and Dependence:

Buprenorphine can cause physical dependence with continuous administration. Individuals may experience withdrawal symptoms upon
abrupt discontinuation. However, the effects are usually milder than what is experienced with a full opioid agonist.

Adverse Effects:

Side effects of buprenorphine are similar to those of other opioids.


  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • constipation
  • headaches
  • sweating
  • sleep difficulties
  • hypotension
  • sedation
  • flu-like symptoms.

Buprenorphine can precipitate an opioid withdrawal syndrome.

Signs and symptoms of opioid withdrawal include:

  • dysphoric mood
  • GI distress (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea)
  • myalgias
  • lacrimation
  • rhinorrhea
  • pupillary dilation
  • sweating
  • piloerection
  • yawning
  • mild fever
  • insomnia.


  • Respiratory depression, which can potentially result in death.
  • Most of the fatal cases occurred in combination with other CNS depressants such as alcohol or benzodiazepines.

Stories about Suboxone Withdrawal – One I respectfully disagree with

I found this story on about a persons experience with Suboxone Withdrawal and it is quite a bit different than I’ve experience and close friends of mine have experienced.  I have found that Suboxone withdrawal last much longer although I do agree the symptoms are milder. YMMV. Also agree with the statement that cold-turkey Suboxone is bad. Long shallow taper is the way to go and I mean long and shallow.
Suboxone takes about 2-5 days for the worst part of the symptoms to go away, and a couple weeks for mild symptoms to deminish. It kinda sucks cuz I’m actually goin through it right now. Today is my third day and i decided to snort about .25 mg to take away the chills. Its not that bad though, I’ve definetly been through allot worse having been through withdrawls from herion, cocaine, and alchahol. Not all at once of course, I’ve taken each one to the limit many times in the past 4 years. Pretty crazy sein how I’m only 18 yrs. old. I swear i know almost everything about drugs. And trust me i know that’s not cool at all. I really hate drugs, they just seem to like me allot for some reason. but ya my fingers hurt so i hope i was a little bit of help. If you have any other questions about suboxone or ne thing else feel free to ask. Peace.
I have been on suboxone for 2 yrs and recently went off it. I quit it on a Monday, and didn’t notice anything for a few days, then the withdrawls kicked in. I was depressed, with diarreah, and cold and hot sweats and an overall feeling of pure exaustion. It’s been a little over a week now and I’m slowly feeling better each day. I still can’t stay asleep though. I thought the suboxone was a wonderful drug to get me off my lortab addiction, but they always told me there wouldn’t be any withdrawl with the suboxone. They lied.
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Suboxone Precipitated Withdrawal – Be Careful

What is Suboxone Precipitated Withdrawal?

In short, precipitated withdrawal is a very quick and intense onset of opiate withdrawal symptoms.  It’s like quitting opiates but jumping from day one withdrawal to day four withdrawal, really bad.  It is relatively uncommon but bad enough that it should be avoided.  The precipitated withdrawal with Buprenorphine happens because of it’s high binding strength to opiate receptors, so basically the Buprenorphine pushes out the opiates in your brain and fills the opiate receptors with Buprenorphine (in Suboxone) so it’s almost like jumping from no withdrawal to day four withdrawal intensity– and can even be dangerous.  Buprenorphine is strong stuff– it beats the crap out of opiates and displaces the opiates from your opiate receptors taking you to hell in a hurry.

What happens if you get Suboxone Precipitated Withdrawal?

Well to be honest, if you are affected by precipitated withdrawal, you are going to feel rapid onset of opiate withdrawal symptoms, much faster than cold turkey, and no this will not reduce the “detox” time.  Common sense would say, take some opiates, the Suboxone isn’t working, but taking opiates once precipitated withdrawal has occurred would not be helpful because your receptors are blocked by the Buprenorpine which has a much stronger “hold” on the receptors than opiates rendering the opiates nearly useless.  The best advice I can give if this happens is go to the hospital and explain what happened, they can give you medicine to reverse the situation and make you feel better.

Avoiding Suboxone Precipitated Withdrawal

You need to restrict intake of opiates for a period of time before taking Suboxone, basically you should be in some form of withdrawal.  If you are not in some pain you are risking precipitated withdrawals.  If you need to taper, use the taper charting tool on this site, you can plot your own taper charts.

Suboxone TaperAvoid Short Acting Opiates for 24 hours to minimize chances of precipitated withdrawal.

Crushed OxyContin®

Please verify all information with your doctor every situation is different and drug interactions change things.

VERY IMPORTANT — Avoid Long Acting Opiates for 24 hours to minimize chances of precipitated withdrawal.

OxyContin® (Orally)
Methadone * really long lasting get medical attention first!

* It is recommended that patients transitioning from methadone to Buprenorphine slowly taper down on the methadone, for at
least one week. Last dose must be no less than 36 hours prior to induction, and better if be 96 hours or more.  Expect discomfort
for a few days coming from Methadone.

Does Suboxone Work?  Is it worth the risk?

I think that Suboxone is a wonderful medication that probably saved many lives including one of my friends.  So yes, it works and works well.  My recommendation is to find a doctor that believes in a shorter duration of treatment with Suboxone.  Longer periods of time on Suboxone will end up being difficult to wean down below 1mg so you’ll need to go below 1mg in slow, very slow micro amounts.  You can cut an 8mg strip into at least 24 tiny squares giving you around .3mg dose which believe it or not is enough to remove morning withdrawal or mild withdrawal discomfort, but it takes an hour or two.   Recognizing Suboxone’s strength is important, don’t go from one addiction to another.

Good luck and stay clear of Suboxone Precipitated Withdrawal!

Another article about Precipitated Withdrawal
Sources of information:
Center for Substance Abuse Treatment.
FDA & Suboxone®/Subutex®

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