Oct 23

Suboxone Copay Card & Other Buprenorphine Manufacturer Savings Plans – Through 2015!

Suboxone Savings - Substitution Medications

Save $75″ & “Suboxone Copay Cards” – Status Through 2015 The Suboxone prescription savings cards and coupons are not as easy to find late in 2014. I regularly scour the internet for the latest and greatest manufacturer savings plans. At first I had no luck in finding a Suboxone deal, but before finishing the article I found …

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Oct 23

Street Value Of Suboxone, Steet Value Of Other Opiates (Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Dilaudid, Subutex, Zubsolv)


Street Value of Various Opioid Medications I would never condone buying medications this way. I have been asked (several times) to solicit street pricing information from people across the world about prices for Suboxone, Suboxone Film, Oxycodone and just about any other opiate you can think of. This is purely for entertainment purposes, it is sometimes funny …

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Oct 08

Buying Suboxone, Naloxone, Buprenorphine – Best Places To Buy Cheap

I have learned the hard way that CVS and Walgreens is not the way to go for saving money AND lately they have had the most POOR customer service I have seen in my life. Walgreens Treats Customers Like Criminals or Drug Dealers If you have had to get a controlled substance filled by Walgreens …

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Oct 08

Burprenorphine – 7-Days, 7-Money Savings Ideas for Buprenorphine Programs – One Every Day

Buprenorphine Money Savings Ideas One GOOD Buperenorphine Money Saving Tip Will Be Posted Tomorrow, And Each Day For A Week! Did you know there are many ways to save a serious amount of money on Suboxone, Buprenorphine, or whatever variant of the medication you are currently taking? There is Zubsolv, Butrans Patch, and now generic …

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Oct 05

Quitting Suboxone or Buprenorphine on your own – Why is it so hard?

Why is Quitting Buprenorphine, Suboxone or other opiates so hard? Voluntary control – Decision to take medicine The initial decision to take a medicine or drug is considered voluntary control. Once you start taking an addictive or dependent drug for a period of time and your body gets used to being under that influence, you …

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Sep 04

Florida Sunset from Webster, Florida


This post doesn’t really fit the blog category but I really liked the sunset a lot and thought it was peaceful to look at. Hope you agree. This was taken near Webster, Florida in August of 2014 around 8:30 p.m. (est.) I put the picture under “Recovery” and “Support” because it could help with both! …

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Jul 25

Buprenex, Buprenorphine Started As Schedule V Narcotic in USA, 1985

DEA Scheduling of Buprenophine

Buprenorphine Drug Scheduling Timeline Buprenorphine was first marketed in America in 1985, it was then scheduled by the FDA as a Schedule V narcotic. The only available product in the United States at that time was a very low-dose formulation intended for injection. It was sold under the brand name Buprenex®. The FDA said that diversion, …

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Jun 25

Zubsolv Takes On Suboxone In Two Phase 3 Clinical Trials, And The Winner Is . . .

Zubsolv Phase 3 Clinical Trials – Positive Top-line Results Released Uppsala, Sweden – June 23, 2014 – Orexo AB (publ) announces the results of two clinical trials assessing Zubsolv for induction of Buprenorphine maintenance therapy in patients with opioid dependence. Nikolaj Sorensen, Chief Executive Officer of Orexo, noted “We know a main barrier for DATA2000 certified physicians to start …

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